Pakistan school shooting leaves several teachers dead

At least seven people, including some teachers, have been shot dead at a school in Pakistan’s north-western Kurram district, authorities say.

Multiple gunmen were involved in the incident, police have said, which occurred in the staffroom of Government High School in Tari Mangal.

This shooting is thought to have been linked to another earlier in the day, when a man was shot in his car in the district, officials say. The suspects remain on the loose.

The details about exactly what happened at the school in Kurram district – a rural area that borders Afghanistan – are still unclear and police have not identified any clear motive.

According to officials, a man was shot and killed in his car in Kurram district this morning. He was believed to be a member of the same school. In retaliation, a group surrounded a school in the small town of Tari Mangal, they say.

At least seven people were killed at the school, at least four of them teachers, and two of them attendants. The police were also attacked and three were injured. The bodies of the dead have not yet been recovered.

Samina Altaf, an education board chairwoman whose district includes Tari Mangal, mentioned that students inside the school remained safe.

The teachers at Tari Mangal were said to have been at the school performing exam duties when the gunmen entered and opened fire, according to local reports.

Former President, Asif Ali Zardari, has expressed regret over the killing, via his party’s official Twitter, calling it terrorism.

At least 17 people have been killed in two explosions at a counter-terrorism office in north-west Pakistan, officials say.

Police said that there is no evidence of an attack and that it could have been as a result of an electrical fault igniting ammunition in the centre. Most of the dead are police officers.

The explosion happened in the Swat valley, which was controlled by Islamist militants before they were forced out in 2009. More than 50 people were injured and buildings have collapsed. Four of the dead are civilians. -BBC

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