Our vision is to transform textiles industry- Tex Styles Ghana

The Textile industry in Ghana has over the years represented Ghana culturally and is currently responsible for 3% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. 

Tex Styles Ghana also known as GTP, has laid out the transformational agenda of the new management team, led by Fatoumata Doro.

“The producers of GTP and Woodin have since September 2021, under the leadership of the Managing Director, Fatoumata Doro determined to bring change into the textiles sector, for the benefit of TSG employees, the national economy”, a release indicated.

It  went further to disclose that the transformational agenda is two-pronged; winning in Ghana and expanding beyond the borders of Ghana. The company revealed that it seeks to transform itself from a textile manufacturer to a life-style brand.

In an impressive “walk-the-talk” move, Tex Styles Ghana has begun improving workforce diversity, increasing production volumes, introducing digital services and repositioning the brand. Despite these measures, the press release affirmed that, “TSG is also positioning itself to continually produce locally made fabrics with premium quality and timeless designs to ensure consumer satisfaction and align with sustainable manufacturing.”

The company’s measures are already bearing results as the number of female employees have gone from 17.9% to 25% within the past 8 months. “My goal is to have 40% female workforce in the next 5 years, providing maternity coverage for all female staff which has not been the case before”,  Fatoumata Doro said.

The company says the goal is to double business growth by 2025 with sustainable investment during the next 5 years in machinery and personnel.

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