OSP could’ve done better with half-year report – Vitus Azeem 

 An anti-corruption cru­sader, Vitus Azeem has expressed his displeasure at the half-year report released by the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

The Office of Special Pros­ecutor revealed in its report that it was investigating over 120 corruption-related cases in the country.

These included the alleged bribery by Airbus SE, an Euro­pean multinational aerospace corporation, in respect of the sale and purchase of military aircraft for the Republic of Gha­na, the banking and financial sector crisis, and allegations of attempted bribery of Members of Parliament by an unnamed wealthy businessman.

“The Office has commenced investigation into allegations of an attempt by an unnamed and wealthy businessman to bribe some members of the majority caucus of Parliament.

The Office has triggered a liaison with the office of the Speaker of Parliament in this regard,” the report said.

The second half-yearly report under the tenure of the Special Prosecutor, KissiAgyebeng, was done in pursuance of Section 3(3) of the Office of the Special Prose­cutor Act, 2017 (Act 959).

But Vitus Azeem says the Spe­cial Prosecutor could have done much better in the fight against corruption.

“The list of results looks impressive but, I would have ex­pected more results than what he (Special Prosecutor) has presented.

For example, we will be looking at a number of some successful investigations, success­ful prosecutions and amount of monies that have been recovered from,” the anti-corruption crusad­er stated.

The OSP added that it has commenced investigation into suspected corruption and corrup­tion-related offences in respect of the termination of a Distribution, Loss Reduction and Associated Network Improvement Project contract between the Electricity Company of Ghana Limited and Beijing Xiao Cheng Technology (BXC)”.

“This report offers an insight into the corruption cases inves­tigated and prosecuted by the Office of the Special Prosecu­tor (OSP) and the highlights of activities undertaken by the Office between August 1, 2022 and De­cember 31, 2022.

Notwithstanding continuous debilitating financial and material constraints and the non-issuance of its establishment budget, the OSP has performed its four­fold functions of investigating, prosecuting, asset recovering and preventing corruption and corrup­tion-related offences commend­ably.

The impact of the operations of the OSP resonates in all prov­inces of life,” the report noted.

“We are conscious of the prac­tical consideration that we cannot snuff out corruption. There is force in that reckoning.

However, as we apply well-structured systems, technolo­gy and intelligence-ledoperations, we are rendering corruption a highly risky enterprise for the criminally minded.

As we firm up the drive against corruption and our message is registered strongly in the minds of people that sooner or later they

will be arrested, prosecuted and their assets seized and confiscated to the state, the incidence of cor­ruption will surely decline.

This will restore confidence, promote the rule of law, and assure fairness and justice,” the report said. -citinewsroom

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