OSP can’t operate efficiently in 3-bedroom apartment – Domelevo

Daniel Domelevo, the Auditor-General, has bemoaned that the Office of the Special Prosecutor needs to be fully equipped and given a bigger space to help make its work efficient and effective for the citizenry to appreciate.

 “I was in the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu’s office, he is still in his three-bedroom house, the office where he is, I think is not conducive enough for him to function effectively and efficiently for the citizenry to appreciate the work of the office.

“The inadequate space allocated to the Office of the Special Prosecutor will not allow it to work effectively and efficiently and I appeal to the government to resource the office for us to appreciate its work because it is a sensitive area set to deal with corrupt officials, he must be properly equipped to champion the cause without any hindrance.

“This is an office which is supposed to seize assets of people who have misused government’s money, when he seizes peoples vehicles and other equipment where is the going to keep them?

“The Office of the Special Prosecutor will be able to yield results when given the right facility, provided with adequate staff strength. Has the office  got systems in place to manage resources, in the present situation, I don’t think the office can operate fully as it should, fighting corruption is dangerous, if you fight corruption, corruption will fight you in whatever way,” Mr Domelevo cautioned. -ghanaweb.com

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