ORC cautions public against fraudsters

The Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC) has cau­tioned the public against faceless persons purporting to be staff or lawyers of the office to de­fraud unsuspecting clients.

According to the ORC, the fraudsters direct company officials and business owners through text messages and phone calls to make mobile money payments to certain phone numbers.

A statement signed and issued by Mrs Jemima Mamaa Oware of the ORC, on Tuesday stated that the impostors set deadlines along with threats to strike the names of the company off the companies’ register.

“They sometimes send a trun­cated copy of the office press release urging clients to file their annual returns and renewal through WhatsApp to legitimise their fraudulent activities on company officials and business owners.

“ORC wishes to state that it does not have nor operate a mo­bile money account neither has the office assigned any ‘staff ’ nor ‘lawyer’ with the schedule to strike off companies in default from the Register,” it said.

The statement urged clients, stakeholders and the public to note that all payments or transactions were done in their in-house Fidelity Bank with the bank’s authorised receipt issued to clients upon their payments.

“The office, therefore, cautions cherished clients and stakeholders to ignore such scam phone calls, text and WhatsApp messages eliciting mobile money payments on any transaction in the name of ORC or Registrar-General’s Depart­ment,” it said.

The statement said the ORC had engaged and would con­tinue to collaborate with the security agencies to investigate, apprehend and prosecute such faceless persons perpetuating such fraudulent activities on their clients.


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