OpenLabs Ghana beat Bluecrest College in football gala

It was an all-fun and excitement for students and staff of OpenLabs Ghana, as they thrashed Bluecrest College-Accra to emerge as winners of the football gala held at the Accra Academy football pitch at the weekend.

The football gala played by the institutions was part of the annual outdoor games activities organised by the OpenLabs Ghana, a top-notch IT training institution in Ghana, formerly known as NIIT.

Players of OpenLabs Ghana and Bluecrest College battled for supremacy, exhibiting spectacular prowess on the field, but failed to score in the entire 90 minutes. The resultant penalty kicks was won by OpenLabs.

Making it an all-inclusive affair, staffs of OpenLabs Ghana and Bluecrest College played a football match, which saw players of the OpenLabs dominating to beat their counterparts 2-1.

The 2022 outdoor games were encapsulated with other fun-filled activities including table tennis, volleyball, music and dance among others.

Head of Regional Sales at OpenLabs Ghana, Mr Asadullah, explained that the essence of the annual outdoor games was to promote and build students well-being for their academic work.

He stated that it was important for students to take good care of their health to improve their body physique because it was inimical to their academic achievements.

“It is very prudent that, as a student you focus on your academics and health because Covid-19 has taught us that our health is a priority to man’s survival to overcome diseases,” he emphasised.


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