Opare-Ansah downplays NPP executives achievements

Frederick Opare-Ansah, an aspiring national executive officer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has downplayed the achievements of the current crop of national, regional and constituency executives.

He noted that the executives performed poorly based on the outcome of the parliamentary election in 2020 and there was the need for new executives to steer the affairs of the party towards Election 2024.

The current leadership led by the National Chairman, Freddie Blay, and General Secretary, John Boadu, are credited for bringing President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo into power in 2016 with a historic one million gap and retaining him in 2020 with 500,000 votes.

The former legislator is seeking to contest incumbent General Secretary, Mr Boadu, Justin Kodua Frimpong, Charles Cromwell Bissue and Musah Superior and the NPP will soon organise its National Executives elections following its National Delegates Conference held in Kumasi which is in line with the party’s reorganisation processes ahead of the 2024 general election.

But Mr Opare-Ansah, a former Member of Parliament for Suhum, who has voiced his intentions to contest John Boadu for the General Secretary position, indicated that the current executives could only be judged with the outcome of the 2020 polls which the party did not perform to the expectation of supporters and members.

“I am not sure about the current executives retaining us in power in 2025 because we had a set of executives who were suspended in 2015, prior to that, we had successfully conducted parliamentary elections, I do not think the result of the 2016 elections was because of the people who assumed office after the others were suspended.

“We won the 2012 elections, and it was stolen from us when the new executives had been given the opportunity to do a better job, I will not credit the new executives, funny enough, we saw their work in 2020 when we had power, and resources with 169 seats which reduced to 137,” Mr Opare-Ansah pointed out.–citinewsroom.com

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