Onukapi-Abu Assemblyman appeals for amenities

The Assemblyman for Onukpai-Abu Electoral Area in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Mr Emmanuel Akoto, has appealed to the government to provide the community with portable water and electricity and road network.

“It is a developing community and we need these basic amenities as tax paying citizens for which government must come to our aid to provide,” he stated.

Speaking to the Ghanaian Times during the construction of a drainage for the people of Mensah Bar, a suburb of Onukpai-Abu on Saturday, Mr Akoto said the developing community was in dire need of such amenities to ensure residents were comfortable.

“Through personal contribution and support of community members, they had been able to carry out some developmental projects,” he said adding they would need the government’s support to extend development to everyone.

“I assumed office in 2020 but had been able to bring some development to the community including fixing street lights to some communities but need to get the lights across all communities,” he stressed.

“Our roads are in very terrible state with no proper gutters or drainage systems so the streets are usually messy when it rains,” he stated.

It was for that reason he said, they constructed the drainage and also removed debris off the streets to make it commutable.

“Anytime it rains, it carries along rubbish onto the streets making it difficult for residents to commute. So we needed to start constructing some drainage to ease the situation,” he stated.

“We are trying to put permanent solutions to avoid the situation in future like constructing gutters with support from the government,” Mr Akoto added.

He mentioned that, he earlier built a police station within the community to address crime and other unlawful activities.

“The safety of the people is my priority and would continue to work hard to meet their needs accordingly,” the Assemblyman noted.

He commended the youth of the area for their commitment to the exercise and also called on government to help them with employment opportunities since most of them were unemployed.

The community in general he said, had been supporting all his initiatives and pledged to ensure the community was transformed for the better.


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