‘Offertory doesn’t guarantee Christians place in heaven’

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), Rt Reverend Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante, has said offertory does not guarantee Christians place in heaven.

He said Christians must practise the doctrines of Christ and should not be deceived that those who give higher offering would dine with their maker after death.

“Heaven has nothing to do with offertory or monies collected during congregations.  It is mandated for us to teach and practise the principles of Christianity.

“We should not be persuaded with the magic and performances of gymnastics exhibited in our churches today,” he lamented.

Reverend Mante said this when he addressed the 37th annual national delegates’ conference of PCG Men’s Centre dedication and official conference on Friday in Accra.

He urged Christians to exhibit good moral standards such as love their enemies, do good to those who hate them and pray for those who mistreat them.

Reverend Mante mentioned fornication, corruption, alcoholism, provocative indecent dressing and intemperate language as some of the behaviours Christians should desist to protect their reputation and dignity.

He urged the leadership of the church to spend more time on spiritual matters and help their followers acquaint with the basic Christian principles.

Reverend Mante said the church had implemented 1.5 million new member project where every member had been mandated to win one soul for the church.

He explained that the project was to grow the church as well as expand its evangelism and appealed to the Men’s Fellowship to play a key role in the project.

“We have also decided to implement the quarterly system, where every branch of the church would donate some percentage of their funds to the national headquarters. 

This initiative would help the national headquarters embark on some specific projects such as renovating some schools and hospitals of the church, assist weak congregations who needed funds for their operations and as well as strengthen the administration of the headquarters,” he said.

Reverend Mante disclosed that the national headquarters of the church was faced with monetary challenges to undertake critical initiatives and pleaded with the various branches for support.


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