Odoley Sowah to contest La DadeKotopon NDC primary

The Former Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for La DadeKotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) and the only woman among four aspirants to contest the parliamentary primary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Rita Odoley Sowah, has filed her nomination.

Clad in all white apparel, muffler in the party’s colours on her shoulders, and followed by her family, friends and party faithful, she submitted her documents to the executives at the party’s constituency office at La in Accra.

In her address, Madam Sowah explained that her mission was to win grassroots support in the party and the whole constituency to enable her to continue the developmental projects in the area which she had embarked on as MCE some years ago.

She observed that being a woman and a mother placed her at an advantageous position to rope the constituents in terms of any development initiatives to embark on, saying, “Women and mothers are caring and will go the extra mile just to seek the welfare of their children, and that is the power of a woman given by God to have things done.

“It is about time the party in the constituency considers a woman to lead them in order to unite them including political opponents of the party to their side for the ultimate goal of recapturing the lost seat in 2021.

“Women representation needs to be increased in every aspect of decision making in the country and being the leader in the constituency level of the party will be a good step to automatically lead to my approval to parliament after the 2020 elections.

“Rejuvenating the party through grassroots empowerment, working, relating with all and abiding by the ethics of the party are my weapon which guides me in all endeavors and I promise to be a mother for all in the constituency, I appeal for massive assistance and support for the nod to win the party’s primary on August 24,” Madam Sowah stressed.

 Abraham Okoe Kotey, Director of Elections of the NDC in the constituency, cautioned aspirants and their campaign teams to devoid of insults, acrimony, attacks and slanders but embark on a peaceful, issues-based and educative campaigning to convince the delegates.


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