OccupyGhana challenges public officials to declare assets

Ace Anan Ankomah, a legal practitioner and member of OccupyGhana, has warned that the next fight for his group is to take on public officials who have refused to declare their assets whilst in office.

According to him, “It is not just the politicians who are required to declare their assets, but all public servants of a certain level are supposed to declare their assets too.

“From our checks, 10,000 Ghanaians must declare their assets, they haven’t done it, we are giving them notice, we are coming,” Mr Ankomah declared at a reading forum in Takoradi in the Western Region.

He indicated that, what OccupyGhana sought to do was that they are doing everything possible for the 10,000 Ghanaian public servants to declare their assets electronically, so that with one search command, the Auditor General could check whose asset was on the system.

“A politician can declare that he has a house at Anaji and give a house number when there is no house on it and it is not checked, by the time you check he has used the money to build the house because he declared the house when it was bare land.

“There is the need for the Auditor General to have a database, where politicians declare their assets and he can do that by electronic checking since asset declaration should be made public and not in confidentiality, if you want to take public office, let’s know what you have.

“OccupyGhana will be forced to seek Supreme Court interpretation if there is confusion as to whether or not assets declaration should be made public or in confidentiality,” Mr Ankomah stressed. –

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