O.B Amoah justifies why ‘No’ vote is threat to multiparty democracy

Osei Bonsu Amoah, a Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development has dismissed the claim that voting ‘Yes’ in the upcoming referendum on Tuesday, December 17, is a recipe for more confusion and chaos at the district level due to experience with multiparty democracy.

Justifying his position in the upcoming referendum, Mr Amoah, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Akuapem South in the Eastern Region, noted that a ‘No’ vote would defeat the ultimate purpose of multiparty democracy although many Assembly Members had opposed the idea of making the district assembly elections partisan, it was also important to address the wrong notion that multiparty democracy was evil.

“It is necessary to correct the flaws of multiparty democracy, it’s just like saying we have reckless people in the media so the media is not important or saying that chieftaincy can bring conflict, division and violence so chieftaincy is not important.

“If that is how we want to look at it, then we will not make any progress because no system is perfect, if you have a problem or challenge with a system you try to correct it rather than trying to bastardise or create an impression that it is not useful, don’t replicate it, I urge proponents of multiparty democracy to stand up to be counted because a ‘yes’ vote in the referendum is a defence for multiparty democracy.

“It is strange that the biggest opposition party in Ghana, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), will campaign for a ‘no’ vote because multiparty democracy enabled the party to rule the country for 16 years,” Mr Amoah bemoaned. -myjoyonline.com

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