‘Nyame Aye Awie’ cultural troupe thrills fans to traditional dance, music

The Power Africa “Nyame Aye Awie” Cultural Troupe yesterday thrilled lovers of traditional music and dance with series of rich Ghanaian themed performances while calling on the public to safeguard the nation’s culture.

The group, comprising more than 10 members, received admiration amid loud applause as they performed a combination of traditional dance, music, acrobatics and cycling to entertain the audience at Ofaakor, near Kasoa.

In an interview with the Ghanaian Times on the sidelines of the event, founder of the troupe, Mr Stephen Awuku, underscored the need for Ghanaians to make it a priority to promote the country’s culture to ensure unity and influence identity.

“Culture is priceless, and it positively influences development in every area, so we must all yearn to know more about our history and protect Ghana’s originality instead of blindly following others,” he advised.

He indicated that his group was gradually winning the admiration and love of the public, adding that what kept his outfit determined to continue promoting the Ghanaian culture was the fact that he realised many people loved watching traditional dance but did not just have the opportunity to see such when they wanted.

He therefore called on the event organisers, the media and even churches to incorporate more of cultural performances in their activities instead of always relying on practices which were not part of the country’s history.

“We do not have to lose our identity because that is what shows who we truly are, I know some people are becoming used to a certain way of life that does not really show that we are Ghanaians, but it is not too late to make changes. Let us eat our local dishes, wear our African clothing and watch our interesting Ghanaian movies.”
“The media must also help us by reducing foreign contents on radio and television. Together we can promote and protect our God-given culture to support the development of the country,” he added.

Founder of the Power Africa “Nyame Aye Awie” Cultural Troupe, Mr Awuku, said his outfit was determined to keep selling Ghana to the rest of the world through its traditional cultural craft.

“We have had the chance to perform outside Ghana and the response we get shows we are doing great. We are always rehearsing to keep our performance on top, so I encourage Ghanaians to appreciate our culture more, and incorporate it in our daily lives always,” Mr Awuku added.


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