Nunoo-Mensah disappointed with nation’s slow pace of devt

Brigadier-General (rtd) Joseph Nunoo-Mensah, the former National Security Advisor, has blamed the leadership at “the highest place” for the nation’s underdeveloped status and registered his disappointment with the slow pace of development.

“We should have been long, long developed and not be behind Europe, what we are lacking today is leadership at the highest place, the mentoring of the youth must avoid repeating the mistakes made by our leaders,” he cautioned.

Speaking at the African Business Centre for Developing Education (ABCDE) Awards ceremony held at the British Council to recognise the contributions of some individuals and institutions towards youth growth and development, Brig-Gen (rtd) Nunoo-Mensah bemoaned the misfortunes of the past must not be repeated in the future to avoid derailing their growth, development and mentorship in leadership.

“When the country attained its independence on March 6, 1957, Asian giant, Malaysia was nowhere near her, in terms of potentials and resources but 62 years down the lane we are still languishing in the wilderness of underdevelopment, the focus should be on the training and skills development of the youth to aim higher in transformation of the country.

“I have so much experience that I have to share with the youth, we should all share our experience with the young children because they need guidance and counseling and they need to be motivated to take up leadership roles and not shirk responsibility in order to transform the nation towards patriotism.

Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, the Chairman of ABCDE, implored corporate institutions to reach out to the youth in the society and mentor them to avoid social vices through peer groups and focus on taking up the mantle of leadership to accelerate socio-economic development to ameliorate poverty. –

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