Nunoo-Mensah: Decision needed to outlaw militias

Former National Security Advisor, Brigadier-General (rtd) Joseph Nunoo-Mensah has stated that the only way to disband party militia in the nation body politic is for the President to stand on his authority to pass a law that will legally forbid the operations of the groups.

According to him, “any other suggestions will be a ‘waste of time’ since vigilante groups have become part of our political system”.

Brig-Gen (rtd) Nunoo-Mensah accused both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of ‘pampering’ vigilante groups since they were not ready to denounce them and condemned the President’s call for both NPP and NDC to dialogue in disbanding their party militias during his State of the Nation Address. 

He was emphatic that the move would be wasteful after urging the President to use his office to champion for a law that would totally break up the activities of vigilante groups.

“Vigilantism in the country is not a man and a wife issue for them to dialogue, this is a serious security issue, we should not joke with this and we are playing with fire, if this problem is not solved before 2020, then sorry to say we will be in trouble,” Brig-Gen (rtd) Nunoo-Mensah warned and indicated that “we all demand that the President should assent to a law, which should be passed into law by parliament” .-

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