NTC staff educated on benefit of alkaline water

Kangen Enagic Ghana Limited on Friday organised a health seminar for staff of the New Times Corporation in Accra.

The one-day event was based on the benefits of drinking alkaline water, a product from the company.

Mr Samuel Dordunu, the Executive Director of the company, said the alkaline enriched water was highly beneficial to the human body as it could detoxify the body of fats and oil in the blood.

On the benefits, he said, the water had pertinent characteristics which included its alkalinity, anti-oxidant and micro-clustering, which made it beneficial to the human body.

Mr Dordunu explained that, the micro-clustered water contained smaller molecules that hydrate the body more quickly and effectively, adding that, it enhances energy levels, improves health, and prevents premature aging as well as promotes better sleep and boosts weight loss.

He noted that alkaline water had been proven to boost the immune system.

“The water is purely alkaline which made it less harmful to the body as compared to water rich in acids, the water is also rich in anti-oxidants which flushed the body of its toxins,” he added.

Demonstrating the difference between carbonated drinks, acidic and alkaline water, it was observed that most carbonated drinks and water with acidic content had potential of Hydrogen (pH) which ranged from 2.0 to 6.9, which Mr Dordunu described as harmful.

On alkaline water, which is a key content in Kangen Water, it was revealed that the pH level ranged from 8.0 to 11, which depicted good health.

He advised the staff present to check their diet as most foods consumed were acidic saying, “Supplement your diet with alkaline enriched foods”.

Mr Dordunu further urged the participants to keep to the water as it could help flush the body of acidic waste and toxins to fight diseases and balance the body’s pH.


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