Nsawam Road Church of Christ  champions Deaf empowerment

Researcher and Deaf Educator Mr Marco Stanley Nyarko, has called for the prioritisation of inclusion and empowerment of Deaf individuals in the country, emphasising their competence, talent, and trustworthiness.

He urged society to provide opportunities and create environments where Deaf people can thrive, highlighting the importance of their inclusion in all aspects of development.

Mr Nyarko made the call last Sunday while addressing the congregation of the Nsawam Road Church of Christ as guest speaker for the Church’s ongoing Deaf Awareness Month Celebration which begun on May 5.

He expressed concern over the economic challenges in Ghana, leading to a society filled with frustration for even people who are not physically challenged.

He also emphasised the need for physical, social, and economic inclusion to make society more accommodating for Deaf individuals, stressing the importance of not neglecting or marginalising them.

The Church’s initiative to raise awareness about deafness was commended by Mr Nyarko, with a call to end derogatory terms like “deaf and dump”.

The guest speaker further highlighted the non-genetic causes of deafness, such as measles, and stressed the need for accurate and respectful portrayal of Deaf individuals by journalists as well.

On his part, Minister Eric Sapey, in Charge of the Church’s Deaf Ministry, encouraged church members to deepen their relationship with God, emphasising the blessings and strength that come from spiritual closeness during difficult times.

An elder of the church specifically in charge of the Deaf Ministry  Mr Felix Affran-Sam in an interview on the sidelines of the service said the church had always been advocating for Deaf people and set a day aside to create awareness about it “after realizing how impactful this was, we increased the awareness to one week and now that too has been extended to a month”

Within this period he said the church will speak about how society should recognise and accept Deaf people.

“Deaf people are capable, the only barrier they have is communication which can be managed well so that should not be an obstacle at all. Deaf people are capable,” he added.

Reverend Sam William, Pastor of the Nsawam Road Church of Christ and former leader of  Church’s Deaf Ministry, expressed immense pride in the current minister, Mr Sapey, for his exceptional performance in the role.

This testament to Minister Sapey’s abilities he said serves as a powerful reminder of the skills and potential that deaf individuals possess when given the opportunity to thrive.

Furthermore, Reverend William urged Christians to be more accommodating and supportive towards Deaf individuals.

He touched on the need to provide them with employment opportunities and the means to build their lives, as disability does not equate to inability.


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