NSA boss justifies large number of Sports Federations

Director General of the National Sports Authority (NSA) Professor Peter Twumasi has defended the large number of sports federations in the country.

There are currently 44 associations registered under the NSA and these exclude para sports associations.

In defence of the large and growing number of associations, Professor Twumasi asserted that despite the strain on finances these bodies serve various functions.

When I came we did the categorization of the federations.

“Not all federations even compete at the international level but in terms of the benefits associated with the various sports it cannot be overlooked.

“It might not be a federation that is mainly thinking about going to compete on the international level but it provides opportunities at the local level.

“For health improvement and building cohesion in the society among others.

“Once they go through the existing processes to get recognized I believe they should be allowed to function.

“Also these bodies don’t depend solely on government for financial support but also on the private sector,” he told Citi Sports in an interview.

Five new sports associations have been added to the National Sports Authorities portfolio in the last 24 months. –Citinewsroom

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