NPP has performed abysmally – Bernard Mornah

The Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah, has alluded that the government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has performed abysmally hence the hardships the citizenry are facing.

“The president and his appointees are throwing dust in the eyes of ‘ignorant’ citizens, it will be difficult to give the government high marks for its two-and-a-half-year performance because it will be difficult to give the government four out of ten, I am being charitable, the president and his vice want us to believe economics of averages is enough to determine wellbeing of Ghanaians, I give you instance of  telecom sector are all foreign companies,  all  telecom providers are not owned by Ghanaians.

When they make their money, it is calculated as part of your GDP, but it is taken away the next moment, what you are confronted with is Gross National Product (GNP) which determines what the nationals of your country actually produce, if the Americans and other countries are using GDP as a determinant of health of their economy, you too do you use GDP?

Go to the oil sector, you own 13 per cent of that oil, and the 87 per cent migrates immediately it is produced, go to the gold sector, you own less than 5 per cent, you virtually own nothing to constantly come and tell us the amount of goods and services have been produced in the country, we are doing well, that is bankruptcy in ideas, because we don’t own our economy,” Mr Mornah asserted.  

On the party’s internal elections, Mr Mornah hinted that the party was awaiting report from its congress committee on preparations at polling station to national executives’ levels to hold regional executive congress in November this year, and national delegates congress next year to elect its flagbearer.

He lamented that the PNC could not make any significant impact in the 2020 elections, because electing flagbearer few months to elections could not allow for sufficient marketing of candidates as well as campaign activities to let the electorate understand its manifesto, why they should choose such candidate over the incumbent and other contenders.

While the president is patting itself on the back for creating six new regions, creating temporary jobs for unemployed graduates, improving Gross Domestic Products (GDP) among others, for which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have applauded the government, Mr  Mornah had different view and maintained that the government had performed abysmally.

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