NPP fighting against corruption crusaders—Asiedu Nketia

 Mr Asiedu Nketia

Mr Asiedu Nketia

The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia has described the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu as a waste of national resources.
He noted that the Special Prosecutor has failed to execute his duty by prosecuting anyone for financial malfeasance or corruption since his appointment as Special Prosecutor.

“The Special Prosecutor is just a failure and he will not be able to prosecute anyone by the end of the year, I prophesied last year Martin Amidu will not be able to send any person to court and he is living to my prophecy.

“Look at the corrupt practices in the current administration under the watch of the Akufo-Addo-led administration, Martin Amidu has again failed to work and prosecute anyone, I feel sad at the trend of events and corruption under the watch of the president and we
expect the president to act quickly on the Oslo-Norwegian scandal which epitomises corruption,” Mr Asiedu Nketia stressed.

The then Special Prosecutor nominee Martin Amidu received an overwhelming endorsement from Parliament’s Appointments Committee and the public and was sworn in as the nation’s first Special Prosecutor early this year.

The government has also allocated an office space to Mr Amidu who has complained since his appointment in February 2018, unable to effectively and efficiently deliver on his mandate because his office is under-resourced, a two-storey building ready for renovation will house the Office of the Special Prosecutor and his legal team.

In the 2019 budget presented to Parliament by the Finance Minister, the Special Prosecutor’s Office has been allocated an amount of GH¢180 million with a commitment to provide additional resources during the course of 2019 to enable the Special Prosecutor’s Office to carry out its mandate.

In line with the government’s promise to protect the public purse, the president created the Office of the Special Prosecutor when he took office however, almost a year after creation of the office, no case has been sent to court by the Special Prosecutor who has on many occasions complained about lack of resources and a law to regularise his duties. –

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