Normalisation C’ttee given extension

The Bureau of the FIFA Council has extended the mandate of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Normalisation Committee (NC) to enable the NC supervise the upcoming GFA Elections.

The second mandate of the Normalisation Committee expired on September 30, 2019 but has not been able to hand power back due to the absence of an FA Executive.

However, in view of the upcoming GFA elections, FIFA has extended the Normalisation Committee’s mandate to November 17, 2019 to enable it complete the process of electing a new president and executive committee.

The FA election is scheduled for October 25 as contestants for the various positions available campaign fiercely.7

The only setback so far has been the disqualification of a leading candidate for the office of the FA president, Wilfred Osei Kweku ‘Palmer’ and two others.

That has reduced the number of contestant at that category to six pending the outcome of an appeal lodged by his camp.

Palmer has since called for calm among his followers as he and his team appeal against the decision.


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