No winter break for Mourinho

While Tottenham players, like others across the Premier League, enjoy a week or so of well-earned downtime, there is no winter break for their head coach.

Other managers and squads may be soaking in some February sunshine in locations such as Dubai and Marbella, but Jose Mourinho is busy targeting Champions League progression.

He braved the weekend’s stormy weather to fly to Munich, to watch the top-of-the-table Bundesliga clash between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig.

Spurs play Leipzig on February 19. It is about fine margins.

He could have watched the game on TV or relied on the video from his analysts but Mourinho says nothing can compare to being in the stadium.

The match finished in a 0-0 draw, but the trip was worth it for the Tottenham head coach.

“It’s very important. I can see small details. Even the warm-ups. I can see what TV and video don’t give me. To see the warm-ups and to see what the players do individually,” he said.

“Some skills that sometimes during the game are hidden. It’s a different intensity. It’s a different experience. I couldn’t miss the opportunity.”

Mourinho is happy to see the winter break but says he does not need a holiday personally.

He said: “The players needed some days off. For their body and soul they needed a rest. But not for me.

“I think the best way to try and help the team is to work.” – Sky Sports

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