NLA warns public against fraudsters

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) has cautioned the public against the activities and operations of lotto fraudsters, and illegal lotto operators and agents.

These fraudsters, according to the NLA, use radio, television, online, newspapers, social media platforms, mostly facebook, whatsApp, twitter, Instagram, snapchat to defraud unsuspecting people 

According to a statement from the Authority, the fraudsters use the pictures and names of the Director-General and staff of the NLA on their pages and platforms to perpetrate fraud.

“These fraudsters use clever tactics to convince the staking public to make Mobile Money Transfers to them in exchange for winning lotto numbers, it said.

According to the statement issued, some convinced unsuspecting victims not to stake NLA products because the NLA would automatically know their numbers on the machines (Point of Sale Terminals, POSTs) and ensure that such numbers were not drawn. 

“All these information are completely false,” the statement said.

The statement said it had also come to the attention of the Authority that Alpha Lotto was using its own Machines (Point of Sales Terminals, POSTs) and charging commission above the commission of the NLA. 

“The Authority would like to state categorically that, the National Lottery Authority (NLA) has not licensed and authorised Alpha Lotto to use its own Machines (Point of Sale Terminals, POSTs) and platform to generate branded electronic tickets.”

“Alpha Lotto Point of Sale Terminals (POSTs) are illegal and steps are being taken by NLA to cease all the Machines of Alpha Lotto with immediate effect,” it said.

The statement said the NLA had neither authorised nor appointed any individual or group of individuals to offer winning lotto numbers to the public, since lotto was a game of chance and it was, therefore, impossible to foretell winning numbers. 

It indicated however that the Authority was collaborating with the relevant security agencies to curtail the activities of the lotto fraudsters, social media miscreants and illegal lotto operators and agents.

“Finally, the National Lottery Authority (NLA) respectfully would like to passionately appeal to the general public to be more vigilant and discontinue engaging the services of the lotto fraudsters, social media miscreants and illegal lotto operators and agents,” it said.

By Times Reporter

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