Ninonteng c’nity appeals for potable water

The residents of Ninonteng, a community in the Bankpama Electoral Area in the Wa West District, are in need of potable water as they currently compete with wild and domestic animals for water from a stream. 

A visit to the community by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) revealed that both the elderly women and children trooped into the stream, which was partly dried up to fetch water for domestic purposes such as cooking and drinking.

Madam Ama Fuuli, a resident, told the GNA that they were aware of the health consequences of drinking unhealthy water but that there was no other alternative for them.

“We are aware that this water is not good for drinking, see how muddy and brownish it looks. This is where the cattle and other animals also come to drink,” she said.

Madam Akua Vuuyira, another resident, said the health of their children was of utmost concern to them as they were susceptible to disease by drinking from the stream.

She appealed to the government, benevolent individuals and organisations to come to their aid by providing them with an alternative source of potable water to help alleviate their plight.  

The water situation was not different at the Fuuryir community as the residents also had to depend on streams and the Black Volta for water.

“When you see the water, it is like porridge, if you don’t close your eyes, you can’t drink it. Even animals in the cities will not like to drink this water, but that is what we are drinking here.

“We have cried for several years but no one seems to have heard our cry. We will continue to cry for help, maybe someone will come to our aid,” Mr Nuofur Kumader, a resident of the Fuuryir community, lamented.

He explained that children also went to the stream to fish leaving the water in a very bad state, but they were compelled to fetch because they had no other option. 

Mr James Awula, the Assembly Member of the area, noted he had been raising the issue of water at the assembly sittings but that no action had been taken yet. 

According to him, he had also written letters to some non-governmental organisations for help, but they were yet to respond. -GNA

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