Nii Kodia enstooled youth chief of Abola Akwatse We

Nii Okpoti Kodia has been enstooled as the Youth Chief (Oblahii Mantse) of Abola Akwatse We in the Ga Traditional Area.

He remains the first Youth Chief of the Abola Akwatse We family with a stool name Nii Ayiteyfio Dzata I.

Nii Dzata I swore the oath of allegiance to Abraham Nii Okai Nunoo, the family head of Akwatse We’ and some kinsmen in the Ga Traditional Area.

He was then outdoored before all the traditional leaders in Ga Traditional Area and was accepted into the Abola Akwatse We’ Family as their new Youth Chief (Oblahii Mantse).

Addressing the gathering after the installation, Nii Dzata I expressed gratitude to the AbolaAkwatse We’ and the kinsmen in the Ga Traditional Area for the honour reposed in him and pledged to protect the youth in time of adversity.

He also pledged to serve the AbolaAkwatse We’and the entire youth in truth and honesty.

Nii Dzata I called for unity among the youth and urged them to throw their support behind him to bring development into the Ga Traditional Area.

He mentioned some social intervention projects such as Job Centre for the youth, National Health Insurance for the Aged, Educational Scholarship for the brilliant but needy, and Clean Environmental Campaign as initiatives instituted to transform the youth.

“I would like to show appreciation to the principal elders for the power vested in me to lead the youth of the AbolaAkwatse We. As the youth chief, I will ensure entrepreneurship skills are introduced to them and unite them because there is a saying that united we stand, divided we fall,” he stated.

As part of the installation, thanksgiving service was held at the Oyarifa District of the Church of Pentecost in the La-Nkwantanang Municipality, to give thanks and praise to the Almighty for a successful exercise.

Elders and Kingmakers present were Abraham Nii Okai Nunoo also known as Nii Adzumako I (Family Head-Abola Akwatse Wekuyitso), Abola Mantse – Nii Kofi Otuadan III, who doubles as the Advisor and Secretary to the GA Mantse, Abola Dzasetse-Nii Okai Owuaa II, Abekasikafo-Abola Akwaste We Won Yoo I, Nii Atofotse-Abola, Ebenezer Akwa Nunoo, Billy Nii Okai Nunoo, Bola Nunoon and Micah Anuako Nunoo (Nii Ajumako Okropong l)-Abola Stool Secretary.


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