Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II reconcile some aggrieved Fetish Priests/Priestesses at Otublohum Dadeban-Naa

The people of Otublohum in the Greater Accra Region last weekend saw ‘light’ in their search for peace, tranquillity and development  to prevail among them as an over decade old dispute between some Fetish Priests and Priestesses  was settled at the Mantse Ankrah royal family house in Accra.

The reconciliation was under the auspices of the Head of Mantse Ankrah royal family at the Otublohum Dadeban Naa in the Greater Accra region, Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II.

To foster development among the people of Otublohum, Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II said, it was very crucial for that longstanding dispute to be settled.

He said, “If we want development, peaceful coexistence devoid of unresolved conflicts must be pursued.”

The longstanding dispute which prevailed over a decade had caused mayhem to some close relatives of the Priests and Priestesses who are also family members of the Mantse Ankrah royal family and it was time to reconcile the factions for development, Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II reiterated.

Highest Fetish Priestess of the Dadeban Naa, Arday Ablah, interceded and helped in performing pacification rites to appease the gods in forgiving and reversing any curses made by the Fetish Priests and Priestesses.

Arday Ablah who facilitated the reconciliation process assembled the Fetish Priests and Priestesses to pour libations in order to reverse any chanting incantations made to their various gods.

The remorseful and Priests and Priestesses pleaded to each other for forgiveness and unite as one people with a common agenda in executing their mandates for the betterment of the Mantse Ankrah royal family and the Ga state as a whole.

White cow, white sheep, white fowls among other valuable items were used in the reconciliation process which has a symbolic connotations to the traditions of the Otublohum Dadeban Naa.

According to him, the need for settling the dispute that existed among the Fetish Priests and Priestesses was a wake up call and a direction from the stool he reigns.

Adding that, it was to promote a platform to bring all the Fetish Priests and Priestesses under one umbrella to enable them discharge their duties successfully.

Principal Elder of the Mantse Ankrah royal family, Nii Ayi Ankrah, admonished the Fetish Priests and Priestesses to always give room for peaceful coexistence among themselves for development to thrive in the family.

He commended Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II for organising such a memorable event to create a long lasting peace among the family and the Fetish Priests and Priestesses and also advised inhabitants to accord Fetish Priests and Priestesses with the optimum respect.

By Alfred Nii Arday Ankrah

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