NGO sinks borehole for Ho Teaching Hospital

Donors of Life for Relief & Development based in the United States of America has handed over a mechanised borehole and water filtrating plant worth $ 22,000  to the Ho Teaching Hospital in the Volta Region.

At a ceremony here on Tuesday to hand over the project, Sheikh Umar Faruk, Regional Director of the NGO, said they conceived the idea of supporting the hospital after management approached them of the challenges they faced with water in providing healthcare to the people.

According to him, water was life hence they found it expedient to provide funding towards the water project.

Sheikh Umar Faruk indicated that helping to develop our institutions that provide essential services was no longer an option but a responsibility for all, saying everyone had  a role to play for the growth and development of “our health institution to carry out quality service”.

He said the good news was that the plant can pump 2000 litres of water per minute and separate 60 per cent of water that is not clean and 40 per cent purified goes into the tank.

He indicated that provision had been made for communities in the catchment area to fetch the water free.

He however, appealed to the management to make sure that adequate provisions were made towards the maintenance of the machines.

The acting Executive Officer of the hospital, Dr John Tampoure, expressed management’s appreciation for the facility saying, “It would go a long way to enhance their operations especially during water shortage in town.”

He said the iron content of the water was very low and this would reduce the cost of washing the hospital materials.


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