NGO moves to stop environmental menace

An equipment to trap plastics and other floating debris on the Korle Lagoon to prevent the materials from entering the sea has been deployed at James Town, Accra, to curb the environmental menace along the beach.

Coastal Conservancy Organisation (CCO), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), last Sunday installed the DESMI EnviRo-Enhancer B2100 litter trap equipment with Ro-fence 600 and containment boom.

It is also a temporary floating barrier that uses the movement of the water to concentrate the debris it captures for easy access and collection.

Chairman of CCO, Justice Lionel Eshun, said the innovation came as a result of the experience gained in its ‘Clean Coast/Beach’ project.

He said it was through a rigorous and sustainable removal and reduction of levels and impact of accumulated marine, land-based litter and other debris from the shorelines of Accra and Tema for the past three years. 

According to Mr Eshun, it became necessary to disallow pollutants from human activities from flowing into the sea, hence the installation of the equipment.

For the purposes of coastal tourism, protection of aquatic lives, marine drive projects among others, Mr Eshun hinted that it was appropriate to install the equipment.

He observed that though it was intended and projected to be replicated along the entire Ghana’s coastline, Korle lagoon was chosen for piloting because of its size as the biggest floating lagoon in Accra.

Mr Eshun said it would help identify challenges that would come up before the installation of 9 equipment at identified hotspots in Accra and Tema and subsequently, along Ghana’s coastline.

To ensure an awe-inspiring coastal stretch and spectacular beaches to increase economic gains from tourism, Mr Eshun invited the government, industry players, relevant stakeholders, international donors to come on board and support the course.

The intervention came from CCO’s international partnership with DESMI to tap into its international expertise and experience in installing clean up systems for the effective removal of plastic garbage in water bodies, beginning from Accra and Tema, towards expanding to cover other coastal districts in Ghana, Mr Eshun said.


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