New membership register will enhance ownership of NPP – Ntim

The National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Stephen Ntim has observed that the new membership register will enhance members collective ownership of the party which is battle-ready to win a third conservative elections in 2024.

“After thirty years of our existence, it must be our resolve to build a proper party membership register to enhance our collective ownership of the party that is united, peaceful, caring, and battle-ready to break eight years of political party rule and to continue to win elections,” he stressed.

According to him, the exercise had been decentralised for smooth participation, provide accurate data at the local level and fulfil his promise of ensuring the NPP got a new security-enhanced membership card.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo became the first member of the NPP to acquire the new party Intelligence Card in a record time presented to him after graciously launching the new membership card which has unique security features.

History, Mr Ntim noted, was made when the exercise was launched and rolled out new membership cards of NPP in Kumasi and tasked members, supporters, sympathisers, faithful and well-wishers of the party to visit their respective polling stations and register to acquire full membership status when registration begins.

Consequently, he implored them to be crusaders of such an important initiative by spreading the news and getting as many members as possible to voluntarily register to enhance the party’s chances of retaining power in 2024.

“It is also imperative that all forms of fraudulent approaches in the issuance of the cards are eschewed to safeguard its integrity, credibility, enhanced security features including hologram and QR Code and for the first time, when the cards are scanned every position the holder has held or is holding in NPP will pop up,” Mr Ntim touted.

He commended former national executives, his current colleague national officers, and the hardworking Information Communication Technology staff of the party for the exercise which was for easy identification, data keeping, and proper management as all members would automatically be hooked onto centralised computer system for easy identification.

Mr Ntim explained that official roll-out would enable all registered members to be in same folder which would enhance compilation of data of the party and prevent scuffles that usually characterised compilation of albums for primaries.

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