New Juaben SouthMCE, Feeder Roads Dept go to aid of Nyamekrom residents

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the New Juaben South in the Eastern Region, Mr Isaac Appaw-Gyasi, has said the assembly is collaborating with the Feeder Roads Department to create alternative route for residents of Nyamekrom to enable them have access to Koforidua.

He said the situation, where a makeshift bridge, connecting the town to Koforidua was washed away after a downpour which caused flooding, was unfortunate.

The MCE assured residents that the alternative route would be created, adding that it would solve the inconveniences created by the washing away of the bridge.

MrAppaw-Gyasi made this known in an interview with the GhanaianTimes on the incident which occurred on last Saturday.

MrAppaw-Gyasi revealed that a lot of foodstuffs brought into Koforidua pass through the town adding that the washing away of the makeshift bridge had created inconveniences for farmers, market women, workers and children who used the bridge to have access to Koforidua.

“We recently constructed this makeshift bridge after similar one was washed away. Now we have reconstructed the makeshift bridge again but vehicles cannot use and that is why we will construct an alternative route to solve the problem.

He bemoaned the drainage system in the municipality has outlived its purpose adding that for the past few months the Municipality has been hit by floods after several days of downpour stating the need for them the revamping of drains in the Municipality.

“Koforidua and surrounding towns lie under the mountain and hence when it rains it all comes down to us. We need to revamp the drainage systems so some of these inconveniences would not be created,” he said.

He added that the reconstruction of the Nsukwao Basin Drainage project initiated by the Local Government under the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme “have solved the flood situation in a way.”

He added that but for the reconstruction of the drain the situation would have been worse.

The MCE stated that the assembly was awaiting more funds to complete the project to solve flooding and it associated disasters in the Municipality.


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