New Juaben Assembly fails to elect Presiding Member again!

The New Juaben South Assembly last Friday failed to elect its presiding member.

Both candidates, Rapture Botchway, the incumbent Presiding Member, and Derrick Debrah, failed to acquire the constitutional two thirds votes needed.

Thirty-four assembly members, 15 government appointees and the Municipal Chief Executive, totaling 50 members, voted.

Mr Rapture polled 25 votes, representing 50 per cent and Mr Debrah also polled 25 votes, representing 50 per cent.

Assembly members would be required to vote again in 10 days to elect a Presiding Member.

In earlier election, Mr Botchway polled 28 votes and Mr Debrah polled 22 votes.

Consequently, another election was conducted and the members again failed to elect a presiding member.

The Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr Edward Abazing, reminded the assembly members that the lack of a Presiding Member was affecting the activities of the assembly.

For the intervention of the police, the elections at the assembly would have ended in fisticuffs, due to the misunderstanding that ensued during the voting, as some members of the assembly were peeved with the procedure.


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