Nene Dadebom Anim swears judicial oath

The Chief of Toflokpo Salom, within Ada Traditional Area, Nene Dadebom Anim II, has sworn the judicial oath and the oath of secrecy at the Tema High Court ‘A.’

The oath was administered by Justice Emmanuel Ankamah, the Tema High Court Judge.

Section 30 of the Chieftaincy Act, 2008 (Act No. 759), vests judicial committees of traditional council’s the power to arbitrate.

However, members of such committees are supposed to take the judicial oath before being able to take part in arbitrations.

Under the law, decisions arrived at arbitrations are binding on parties and enforceable by the courts, and parties that are not satisfied with decisions could either go to the Regional House of Chiefs, or National House of Chiefs, or the appellate court for redress.

Nene Dadebom Anim II was gazetted as a chief in 2017 and the administration of the oath would therefore provide the opportunity to arbitrate on cases.

He pledged to complement efforts of other traditional rulers in the Ada area, to ensure peace and development.

Caption for picture

IMG 135441: Justice Ankamah (right) administering the oath to Nene Dadebom

IMG 135417: Justice Ankamah (right) presenting a document to Nene Dadebom after administering the oath


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