Negative attitudes cost us seats in the Northern regions – Joseph Kpemka

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Tempane in the Upper East Region, Joseph Kpemka has attributed the failure of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to capture more parliamentary seats in the three northern regions in the 2016 elections to negative attitudes.

He underscored the need for party executives and supporters of the party in the three northern regions to henceforth expose those indulging in such attitudes for drastic action to be taken against them.

“As part of measures to support the party win more seats in the region in future elections, ministers of state and MPs will have to embark on a vigorous campaign by contributing resources, time and energy to ensure such results are achieved and party supporters expose those involved in negative attitudes,” Mr Kpemka stressed.

Speaking at the launch of the Upper East Regional Youth Wing of the party in Bolgatanga, he cautioned regional and constituency executives and members of the party to desist from negative tendencies to enable the party to capture more seats in the 2020 elections.

Mr Kpemka, who is also a Deputy Attorney-General and Minister of Justice,  noted that, “We also need the right calibre of metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives to push the party and government’s agenda coupled with pro-poor interventions to attract more votes to win convincingly future elections.

“NPP is not a propagandist but realist party, optimistic and capable of retaining power in 2020, unless we desist from negative tendencies that will not make the party attractive to voters,” he said.

Touching on the prosecution of former government appointees, the Deputy Attorney-General and Minister of Justice disclosed that “by the time the office of the Special Prosecutor completes investigations and prosecutions, the nation will save over GHȻ1billion as a campaign message to fight corruption.

“Ghanaians will realise whether the government has honoured its campaign promise on the fight against corruption or not and we’ll not renege on any of our campaign promises, let’s unite to form a formidable force to defeat our political opponents resoundingly in 2020 to pave the way to continue our pro-poor interventions to create jobs and wealth,” Mr Kpemka avowed.

Madam Paulina Abayage, the Upper East Regional Minister, expressed optimism that with the numerous ongoing pro-poor interventions Ghanaians would retain the NPP government in power cautioning that “the 2020 elections should not be taken for granted but party executives and supporters would have to work harder to win more parliamentary seats in order to retain power”.


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