‘NDC will win Election 2024 to alleviate plight of citizenry’

The Sunyani East Constituency Secretary of the NDC, Atta Kusi, has stated that the NDC will have to win Election 2024 to alleviate the plight of the citizenry due to the abysmal performance of the current government.

“The abysmal performance of the government must propel the party to work harder, focus, united, strategise and remain resolute to recapture power in 2024 which will not be easy but surmountable since the government has been unable to fulfil most of its 2020 election campaign promises,” he noted.

Mr Atta said the electorate would be disappointed in the party if the NDC failed to win the next general election to ameliorate the plight of citizens since the rising trend of inflation, high cost of petroleum products and the depreciation of the Cedi in the country had become unbearable and worsened the economy, thereby affecting socioeconomic livelihoods of the people.

He indicated that critical assessment of the performance of the government showed clearly President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his government were disappointing Ghanaians due to research conducted by the party showed the citizenry were prepared and ready to vote for the NDC to regain political power to reduce their hardships.

“The NDC is also poised to wrestle power politically and serve the people in humility, selfless, respect and humble which have a proven track record, and we believe citizens are ready and prepared to give us the mandate to serve the nation to create more jobs and wealth by improving livelihoods.

“The strength of the NDC depends largely on the branches and the party is dedicated, determined and committed to build solid branches that can strategise effectively and efficiently to enhance the electoral fortunes of the party in the 2024 elections and our numerous members, supporters and sympathisers the election of branch executives in the constituency, region and the country are on course with about 90 per cent of the regions successfully elected their branch executives,” Mr Kusi assured.

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