NDC vows towin Kumawu by-election

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is poised and remains confident of winning the Kumawu Constituency parliamentary seat in the Ashanti Region in the upcoming by-election.

It was unperturbed by what the New Patriotic Party (NPP) does as it had conducted its primary and has now chosen its candidate however, the NDC already has a candidate, and thus it had intensified its campaign in the area.

“We already have a formidable candidate to win the by-election for NDC so we are unperturbed by what the NPP is doing or saying since it has also chosen a candidate which has propelled to intensify our campaign in the constituency,” the party stated.

Augustus Akwasi Andrews, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NDC, said he will do whatever it takes to win the by-election adding that they have a better track record as compared to the NPP in the area.

He accused the government of feverishly constructing roads within Kumawu due to the by-election and dismissed assertions that the NDC was sponsoring an independent candidate.

“We have our own parliamentary candidate who is going unopposed for the parliamentary seat in the by-election, who is contesting as if we are contesting elections in 2024, that is going to be our benchmark and we are committed, dedicated and determined to surprise the NPP by taking the seat because the party is afraid of the NDC and accusing us of sponsoring an independent candidate which is false.

“Whatever I have to do for NDC to win the Kumawu seat I am going to do that, we have dispatched people on the ground, NDC is united, poised and formidable now to face NPP in the 2024 general elections and the by-election because NPP has done nothing in Kumawu to win the seat,” Mr Andrews insisted.

According to him, due to the by-election, NPP was constructing roads, which was shameful of them to neglect constituents until an announcement of a by-election before constructing their roads and NDC would contest the by-election boot for boot, so as to win the seat since major projects in the constituency were done by NDC.

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