NDC should adopt some aggression in order to return to power – Gbande

A National Democratic Congress (NDC) Deputy General Secretary aspirant, Mustapha Gbande, has called on the party to be clear about how it is going to wrest power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2024 elections.

He said the current attitude of the NDC is too soft, which cannot help in defeating the NPP.

“Gentility alone will not bring NDC back to power and there is the need to employ some level of radicalism and aggression to stand firm against any strong force from our opponents because we are living in times where the NPP is not seeing us as brothers but as enemies and we need to confront them head-on,” he said.

Mr Gbande, a security analyst, maintained that the party needed some level of radicalism and aggression to bring back the party into power, ‘if you vote for gentle people we will get gentle results but gentility alone cannot win elections.

Interacting with delegates in Wa in the Upper West Region, he suggested a strategic security system to be established to get the NDC well positioned and poised ahead of Election 2024.and appealed to members, supporters and faithful of the party to give him their mandate to effect the needed strategic changes and improve upon security of the party at all levels to ensure victory.

“We need to pay much attention to the security of the party so as no room is given to the NPP to take advantage by training the party’s internal men and women to become fearless, firm and withstand any amount of intimidation that is likely to come from our opponents.

“If I am given the nod I will walk my talk because I am highly touched by your response by believing I am the right person the party has been yearning for, I am prepared to reignite the vigor in me, I am counting on you for your vote in December and my presence should give you assurance NDC still has the men to guide the Electoral Commission (EC) strong room.

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