NDC condemns excesses on lockdown

The Greater Accra Region branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has condemned alleged assault and intimidation of civilians by some security personnel detailed to enforce the coronavirus lockdown.

The Regional Chairman of the opposition party said in a press statement that while it is important for citizens to abide by the restriction on movements the execution of the lockdown by the security personnel must be done with a human face.

“The primary responsibility of giving public education on the dos and don’ts has been largely insufficient to the extent that, even some government officials appear not to know what exactly the lockdown protocol entails.

“This obviously is the reason why govt officials keep clarifying, in vain the President’s directives since the announcement was made. It goes without saying, therefore, just as those enforcing the directives themselves require briefing, so does the civilian population need round-the-clock public education and constant reminders,” the Greater Accra Region NDC Chairman said in the release.

Videos circulating on social media seem to show some military personnel attached to the operation manhandling civilians found to be flouting the stay-home directive.

In the videos, the military men punish the said lawbreakers by asking them to do squats or other strenuous exercises.

Others have shown whip marks on their backs as punishment for coming out.

The Ghana Armed Forces has said some of the videos are fake or doctored to cast the military in a bad light.

A Security Analyst, Colonel Festus Aboagye (retd) has said the incessant reports about the civilian abuse seem to be the result of a lack of an appropriate system to deal with the lawbreakers.

 Source: Myjoyonline.com   

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