NCCE: Let’s deepen awareness, prevention to combat COVID-19 pandemic

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has cautioned the citizenry to strictly adhere to COVID-19 precautionary measures and hygienic protocols in order to combat the pandemic.

“The coronavirus pandemic will be defeated if the people strictly adhere to the precautionary measures and hygienic protocols because the people wield power over the disease and must be encouraged to continue to follow the measures and protocols for an immediate end to the crisis,” it noted.

 Dodji Adjei, the Ho West District Director of the NCCE, cautioned at the commission’s COVID-19 public education and sensitisation campaign in selected communities, which was supported and assisted by the government and the COVID-19 National Trust Fund to help deepen the awareness and prevention of coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as fight stigmatisation among the people in the district.

The communities were Abutia Kissiflui Market, Abutia Kloe, Abutia Agorve, Abutia Teti, Tsawoenu, Tsito, Anyirawase, Awudome Kwanta, and Anfoeta Tsebi, Saviefe Agorkpo, Akoviefe, Dzolo Gbogame, Dzolokpuita, Vane, Amedzofe, Akome Agate, Kpedze township, Aflakpe, Kpoeta and Dodome Avexa.

Mr Adjei noted that as prevention remained the key to fighting the virus, hand washing with soap under running water, physical distancing, the regular use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, and other requirements including the compulsory use of facemasks, to prevent contamination, the cleaning of objects and washing of surface that had been exposed with soap or alcohol-based sanitisers before touching them were not an option.

He reminded communities of “the district recording some positive cases, and it is important to ensure no individual or family is stigmatised in any community since stigmatisation caused people to hide their status and symptoms, leading to a rise in the spread of the virus”.

Mr Adjei disclosed that the commission in the Volta Region received two sports utility vehicles equipped with public address system from the Presidency for the campaign, aiding access to hard to reach areas. -GNA

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