NCCE embarks on c’nity sensitisation on violent extremism

The Biakoye District Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has embarked on a community sensitisation programme to educate the residents of the district on violent extremism, terrorism, peaceful co-existence, national cohesion and harmony.

It noted that such extremist activities and terrorism affected security, peaceful co-existence, cohesion, harmony and security in communities which also impedes progress, growth and development of communities and livelihoods of residents.

“Extremist activities have caused havoc to human security and insecurity in neighbouring countries and as a Commission we must educate, sensitise and create awareness within our communities on such nefarious activities to enable them to peacefully co-exist and ensure harmony and national cohesion,” the Commission stressed.

Reverend Leonard Aglomasa, Biakoye District Director of NCCE, speaking at one of such programmes at Nkonya-Adenkensu in the Biakoye District of the Oti Region, said violent extremism and terrorism could affect human security in the country if care was not taken.

He affirmed that such activities had caused havoc in neighbouring countries and it should be a worry to the citizenry and asked them to sit up so that they are not taken by surprise and “say something if they see something”.

“Perpetrators of violent extremism and terrorism always want to use people who exhibit deviant behaviours so, the youth must be careful, vigilant, security conscious, survey and monitor strangers who come to their localities and conduct proper investigations before renting to them.

“National cohesion, harmony, cohesion and peaceful coexistence are important for national development, tolerance, respect for fundamental human rights, freedom of religion, and respect for rule of law are among factors that ensured security in all aspects of life,” Rev. Aglomasa pointed out.

He indicated that national cohesion would be stronger if residents in Nkonya-Adenkensu had opportunity, resources, and motivation to participate in society fully as they wished and on an equal basis with others and reminded them to be respectful, trustworthy, self-controlled, and hard working as a people.

Stephen Adu, the Headman of the town, said it was good to live at peace with all and embrace peaceful co-existence would ensure progress, growth and development in Nkonya-Adenkensu and pleaded with them to live in cohesion and harmony to avoid all forms of disturbances that could bring chaotic situations.

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