NCCE campaigns for unity, peace

 The National Commis­sion on Civic Education (NCCE) is embarking on a nationwide campaign aimed at ensuring national cohesion, unity and peaceful coexistence among all Ghanaians.

• Mr Peter Kwabena Gyasi (inset) addressing participants

At one of such campaigns organised for first year stu­dents of the Sunyani Technical University (STU), the Deputy Bono Regional Director of NCCE, Peter Kwabena Gyasi, underscored the critical role of national cohesion and peaceful coexistence in nation building.

“Again, religiously, we will be able to go about our religious activities in peace when all religious sects decide to coex­ist, try to live in peace, and our mothers and family at home will also be able to go about their normal activities in peace and we advance forward as a nation, ” he further explained.

He said Ghanaians must learn to treat all people with kindness irrespective of their gender, race or where they come from.

“One of the practical ways we can ensure peace, unity and national cohesion is to be very decorous in our language because most of the youth have the tendency of inflaming passion in society, using deroga­tory remarks, using insulting language, using abusive lan­guage on their neighbours, most especially during the newspaper review programmes on radio and television,” he emphasised.

“Whenever you are engaging in any political argument or dis­cussion, please be decorous in your language,” the NCCE dep­uty regional director stressed.

Mr Gyasi said Ghana prac­tises a multi-party system of government and that even Par­liament has no power to enact any law that would make the country a one-party state.

“Definitely, since we have multi-party system in Ghana, various people will belong to various political parties. What it means is that if I am in party ‘A’ and you are in party ‘B’, it doesn’t mean that we are enemies, it doesn’t mean that we should fight and it doesn’t mean we should marginalise others who are in other parties,” he added.

He implored the students to peacefully coexist on campus and at their various homes with people who share opposing political, religious or ethnic backgrounds with them in the interest of the nation.

The NCCE Deputy Director also advised the students to accept and respect the rights of others, saying, “We have fundamental human rights that the constitution has given us and as we respect the rights of others, they will also reciprocate our gesture”.

He also touched on the need to offer assistance to ourselves when the need arises as a way of building a sense of belong­ingness and trust amongst ourselves as nation.

“Again, study non-violence as violent activities would not augur well for us as a nation and as students of this university, and so anytime you are going about your studies, also take time to study non-violence so that you don’t involve your­selves in any violence of any sort.”


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