NC don’t need an extension – Oti Akenteng

The Technical Director of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Mr Oti Akenteng, has urged the Normalisation Committee (NC) to hasten the process to elect officers to run football in the country.

He said it was important for a new executive of more qualified football administrators to take over the running of football in the country, than sticking with the NC.

Akenteng was hopeful that by the end of October, there would be no Normalisation Committee because that is not what Ghana needs.

Speaking at the sidelines of an Introductory Coaching Course which ended at the National Sports College in Winneba on Saturday, he prayed that the Normalisation era ends for the actual football people to step into office.

“We are praying that we have very good nominees or somebody who would be elected to take over football, and I’m optimistic that we would get the right people.

“I don’t think there is the need for an extension to be given to the Normalisation Committee. Once there was congress and all the reforms have been approved, we can continue,” he stated.

According to him, what the country needs right now, is an election to be held for a proper Executive Council to be formed to take over football.

 Meanwhile, the Normalisation Committee has fixed October 25 for the Elective Congress.


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