Nature’s Universal Balance is another device by which nature maintains a perfect balance of everything that exists throughout the universe, including: Time, Space, Energy, Matter, and Intelligence, through which these known factors are shaped into every specialized for known to man, Napoleon Hill believes.

Through the operation of this automatic law, nature has made it compulsory that every individual person be forced to taste both the bitter and sweet experience of life, but she has wisely and cleverly injected into this law a compensating energy which aids the individual in balancing the bitter and the sweet according to his own needs and desires. This provision was necessary because the Creator’s overall plan provides that man shall have unquestioned control over his own mind, with the privilege of directing it to either bitter or sweet ends. 

Through the operation of this compensating device, which is a portion of the great law of Universal Balance, “every adversity, every defeat, every failure, every disappointment, every human frustration of whatsoever nature or cause, brings with it, in the circumstance itself, the seed of an equivalent benefit.”

Under the provisions of this compensating device, every person has the right and the power to find the seed of an equivalent benefit in every undesirable or unpleasant experience which may overtake him, whether the experience is of his own making or beyond his control, and germinate the seed into a full-blown flower, the ripened fruit of some desirable thing which will compensate him for the adversity which yielded the seed.

Nature has so designed the overall laws of that injustice is impossible for those who learn to interpret her laws and to live by them. Injustice is purely man-made institution which exists nowhere except in man’s relationship with his fellowmen. “In man’s relationship with the natural universe, there can be no injustice, because those laws have cleverly provided the method by which man automatically punishes himself for his virtues, by correctly interpreting nature’s laws and harmoniously adapting himself to them.

Hill believes that there are two kinds of circumstances which affect the lives of people: (1) circumstances which do not originate as the result of something the individual does or neglects to do, and therefore are not subject to control by the individual. Such circumstances, for instance, as the death of loved ones, birth with physical afflictions of such a nature that affliction cannot be corrected, or birth in deprived areas; (2) circumstances over which the individual has the privilege of control and the power with which to exercise that privilege, such, for example as, fear, greed, jealousy, vanity, egotism, lust, hatred, envy, ill health, poverty, controversies with relatives, neighbors or business associates, antagonism with others over politics, religion and personal views. This list could extended to cover practically every human relationship but in final analysis it covers circumstances affecting one’s life over which the individual has the means of control, despite the fact that he may seldom exercise that control.

Circumstances in group one, which are not under the individual’s control, can be blocked off form influencing the individual’s peace of mind by the mere exercise of the Great Prerogative provided by the Creator, whereby every individual has the power to establish control own mental attitude and direct his power of thought to any desired end, including the absolute control of his reaction to all experiences of his life. In other words, circumstances which cannot be controlled can be eliminated from the influence of one’s mental attitude in such a way that they do not exist, and the individual may conduct himself precisely the same as if they did not exist.

Circumstances in group two, those which are under the control of the individual, can be disposed of through the aid of “the most important and powerful of all the Great Miracles.”

This Universal Balancing Law extends not only to human beings in all their problems and relationships with one another, but also to trees and all things which grow from the soil of the earth. Observe, for example, the perfect engineering and symmetrical balancing of a tree, with its branches draped to keep the tree balanced on all sides, the roots in proportion to the body and the branches of the tree, and imbedded in the ground to the proper dept – “a job of engineering no man could duplicate.”

Universal Balancing extends also to all inanimate matter, down to the smallest units of matter – the electrons and protons of an atom which are held in perfect balance by two equal units of power – one negative unit and one positive unit – so balanced through a sort of tug-of-war that one pulls and the other pushes to a point of stalemate which creates balance.

Throughout that portion of our universe which we have been able to explore we find perfect system of balancing between all the stars and planets, and the nebulous matter which has not yet taken the form of planets and stars. If this Law of Balance did not exist there would be constant chaos through the collision of the stars and planets, and the seasons of the year, and day and night, would not be regulated or their habits predictable. 

Most of us, Hill predicts, may not feel a deep interest in the balancing of the stars and planets, but all of us do have a keen interest in the methods by which we may take full advantage of the great Law of Universal Balance in adjusting the circumstances affecting our individual lives so that they benefit us. The best way to secure benefits from this great law is, first, by taking possession of our power of thought and using it to relate ourselves to the circumstances we can control, in a manner favorable to ourselves; and second, to use this same power of thought to adjust ourselves beneficially to all the circumstances affecting our lives which we cannot control.

From this brief analysis of the Law of Balance we are heartened and encouraged by the observation that this law keeps everything throughout the universe in line with nature’s, established pattern and plan, except man – the only living creature with the power to deviate from the influence of this, and all other natural laws, if and when he chooses, and willing to pay the price for his deviation. 

If you are searching for the supreme secret of success in all human endeavors, here is a very suitable point at which to stop, ponder, meditate and think, with the hope that the small still voice which speaks from within may bless you with the knowledge you seek. Therefore, learn to listen to this inner voice. It speaks within everyone. It can guide you to see clearly how the forces of nature move through feelings, through motives, and through actions. To hear the inner voice, you have to take time to be still. 

By learning to be sensitive to the inner voice, many have described the experience as being God-inspired, God-directed. Dr. Stuart Grayson puts it aptly, “Every genius, every great achiever in industry, religion, or science has worked from the heavenly side. They are the people who did not succumb to the ordinary. They are the ones who set inspiring examples for all of us to follow.”  


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