National Theatre to stage play to re-enact slave trade on Feb. 24

 A stage play to re-enact the lives of Africans during the period of slave trade is scheduled for February 24 at the National Theatre.

Organised by the National Dance Company, the play, titled, ‘Remembering’, is aimed at com­memorating the middle passage journey of African people bound for enslavement in the Americans.

It is being held under the aus­pices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture in collaboration with Jamal Gaines creative outlet from the USA and other amateur groups from Ghana.

A statement issued in Accra yesterday to announce the stage play, said, the story tells the forced voyage of enslaved Afri­cans across the Atlantic Ocean to the new world, Emancipation and Black History.

“The dance production ex­plores the nature of the Trans-At­lantic slave trade to reflect long forgotten memories.

It reflects on the slave feel­ings of melancholy and despair, elicits the horrors of the tightly packed men, women and children chained in shackles, whips and the use of guns,” it stated.

The statement said the story would be presented through tra­ditional and contemporary dance movements, demonstration and narrations, with drumming and music to thrill audience on the journey.

“The play celebrates our her­itage, addresses challenges and honours those who pave the way for a brighter future,” the state­ment added.

The statement called on the public to join the company in celebrating the forebears who sacrificed their lives to free Afri­cans of slavery.


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