National House of Chiefs headquarters gets facelift

The headquarters of the National House of Chiefs (NHC) has finally got a facelift after four years of renovation of the premises.

Established in the 1960s, the colonial edifice has since not seen any form of major renovations making the building some time back a death trap anytime the rain set in until 2015 when a renovation committee was set up by the House and later in 2017 it was absorbed into the Finance and Infrastructure Committee to see to its renovation.

The project, which was executed in phases, was awarded to M/S Nickseth Construction Company Limited with Architectural and Engineering Services Limited as the supervising consultant.

The building has been re-roofed and the conference hall expanded from 50 seating capacity to 105 to accommodate more members and other guests.

Apart from the expansion, the conference hall has also been remodeled with state of the art furniture and communication gadgets and fully  air conditioned to suit a modern day conference hall that befitted the status of the royal house where issues of national interest were discussed.

Offices within the edifice have also been remodeled and the walls to the building have been aesthetically redesigned and reconstructed with paved and spacious car park as well as flowers and lawns completing the beauty of the environment.

The faulty drainage system has been fixed and expanded to enable free drainage at the premises to avoid flooding.

The security of the premises has also been enhanced with the provision of burglar-proof windows making the environment very safe for Nananom and staff to operate from.
Mr Stephen Owusu, Public Relations Officer of the NHC, commended the contractor for good work done, in spite of the fact that the project stalled at a point due to financial constraint, forcing it to be done in two phases from 2015 to 2017 and 2018 to 2019.

He also commended the committee members for their interest in ensuring the renovation of the building was done.

According to Mr Owusu, preparation for its inauguration would soon be done. 

Pix:  National House 1-2/Samba 22-07-20

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