NAGRAT wants govt to tackle pensioners’ challenges

As the world celebrated International Workers’ Day yesterday, the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), has asked government to address challenges confronting pensioners.

The group said pensioners continued to suffer despite contributing to the development of the country.   

A statement issued by Eric Agbe Carbonu, President of NAGRAT,and copied the Ghanaian Times, appealed to the government to tackle economic challenges such as depreciation of the cedi, high income taxes and high inflation rates, which affects prices of goods and services.

While congratulating workers for their sacrifices, the NAGRAT underscored the need to ensure sustainable pension for the Ghanaian worker.

The statement said teachers’ contribution to the development of the country was indispensable.

It said, “The fact that one gets what he or she contribute after retirement, brings into sharp focus the need for teachers to take personal steps to ensure that the quality of life during pension does not worsen.”

The statement observed that workers, particularly teachers, continued to work under challenging circumstances without the minimum social amenities.

It said the situation over the period had eroded the real value of salaries and income, making one’s preparation towards pension difficult and impossible.

The NAGRAT urged colleagues to be mindful of the value of unionism and collectively work in the interest of its members.

“You deserve the recognition you are getting today as such. On this memorable day, we call on all workers and teachers to be mindful of unionism since this spirit brought the May Day celebrations,” it said.


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