Naaga homecoming: Harnessing potential and resources within for development

Naaga is predom­inantly a farming community in Navrongo, majori­ty of the indigents are engaged in crop framing, fishing, and hunting. Navrongo the capital city of the Kas­sena Nankana Municipality is to the North of Naaga. West Mamprusi is to the South, Builsa North District to the West and Bolgatanga Municipality to the East. Naga provides shortest link from the Regional capital to parts of Builsa North District and the Cap­ital of Builsa South District.

A bridge over the White Volta River will link Naaga to Savanna and Northern regions cutting down time in traveling to other parts of the country. It’s a short route for vehicles from Burkina through Tamale, Ku­masi and Accra.

Apart from the Talensi area, in the Upper East Region, it is the second most attractive location in the Upper East Region that has received the attention of large mining companies because of the large gold deposits. Kardinal Resources is currently at an advance stage of exploration and there is every indication that they will soon commence mining operations.

Apart from the Fumbisi valleys, Naaga has the second largest valleys suitable for rice farming in the Upper East Region. The proximity of Naaga to the White Volta makes it conve­nient for the establishment of a dam for irrigation.

The three main roads leading to Naaga are the Bolgatanga – Naaga Road, Navrongo – Naaga Road and the Kadema – Naaga Road. These three roads have been awarded to three different contractors but non-payment of the contractors has led to very little delivery on the part of the contractors. We are appealing to government do well to pay the three contractors at the earliest opportunity to enable them expe­dite action on the projects.

There will be reduced time/ km travel to southern Gha­na from Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, and some parts of the Upper East region if a bridge is constructed over the White Volta River linking Naaga to Duu in the North East Region. This means that, instead of passing through Bolgatanga to Walewale which is a longer route, travellers will get from Naaga to Duu within a very short time.

Naaga is a very good desti­nation for investors who are interested in making a good return on their investment in the areas of Agribusiness and Mining Support Services.

We wish to appeal to govern­ment through minister of tourism to give a face life to potential tour­ist site identified in Naaga to boost economic activities.

As a community we have also identified the following projects which will go a long way to open up the community to potential investor:

1. Expansions of the CHIP compound

2. Building an additional JHS with a library to argument the al­ready over populated JHS in Naaga

3. A community resource center

The above mentioned projects and many more through right stakeholder engagement will en­hance development in the area.

Marketing of a community is not a one off event, we therefore want to network with any develop­ment- oriented agency in Ghana and outside.

Our maiden home coming has come to stay and God willing it will be held in a yet to be determine next year through events of this kind sponsorship can be sought.

The people of Naaga have to travel several kilometres to seek health care. The community has only a CHPS compound that serves the people of Naaga and Tindaama. The nearest health centre is at Kologo, which takes several kilometres to travel to amidst a deplorable road that has become extremely difficult for motorists to use.

A health centre for the com­munity will help improve the health outcomes of the people and enhance the achievement of the universal health for all and the sustainable development goals.

The writer is a native of Naaga


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