My work is service to God- Zongo Minister

The Minister for Inner-City and Zongo Development, Dr Mustapha Abdul Hamid, has stated that squandering monies meant for development will be the last thing in his mind.

This, Dr Hamid explained was because he view his work as service to Allah, thus, would not jeopardise the lives of future generations in Zongos.

He noted that under his stewardship, there are about 3,000 Zongo communities across the country and he sees himself as a shepherd.

“The destinies of majority of Muslims are in my hands; I swear, I cannot be the one joking with that because I know on the judgement day, Allah will ask me about my achievements,” he stated in an interview on Asempa FM on Tuesday.

Dr Hamid bemoaned how some people are moving heaven on earth to smear him with corruption in the discharge of his duties.

He indicated that, the reason for taking up the position was to impact positively on the lives of the vulnerable in the Zongo communities.

“I’m not there to make money so let’s stop this propaganda. I believe every human being is a shepherd and I am doing my best to ensure Zongos are transformed,” the Zongo Minister added.

Dr Hamid appealed for support to ensure the development gap between Zongos and inner cities are addressed.

Relatedly, Dr. Hamid who is also a former Minister Information explained in another interview that his reassignment from that Ministry to the Inner Cities and Zongo Development Ministry was a great relief to him.

Describing the Information Ministry as the second toughest Ministry after the Finance Ministry, Dr. Mustapa Abdul Hamid disclosed that he does not the least miss heading that Ministry which always put him under attack from the public, especially political opponents.

He noted that there was no way a Minister for Information can be loved by Ghanaians because he or she would always have to defend the government.

“I have always said the toughest Ministry is the Ministry of Finance, the next toughest is the Ministry of Information. I do not miss the place at all, it was much tougher I’m happy that I got rid of the place.

Because it is tough, you can never be right. I remember I kept telling Kojo[now Minister of Information] when he was my Deputy sometimes he will be worried and come to my office saying Minister the people are saying this about you, then I say Kojo do not worry.

There has never on this earth a popular Minister for Information, there is no way, you cannot be loved. That is what it meant to be Minister for Information”.

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