Musicians wish fans Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine comes from the Roman cognomen ‘Valentinus’ which was also a name from the Latin word Valens meaning “strong, vigorous and healthy.”

Saint Valentine was a third century martyr whose feast day was the same as the Roman fertility festival of ‘Lupercalia’ and resulted in the association between Valentine’s Day and love.

As an English name, it has been used occasionally since the 12th century which is observed on 14th of every February as the day to honour this “saint.”

The celebration in Ghana coincides with National Chocolate Day which was instituted in 2005 on February 14 every year to boost the domestic consumption of Ghanaian chocolate and other cocoa based products.

This gives a healthy orientation to the celebration of Valentine’s Day in Ghana, notwithstanding the love showed to people on this unique day, either through a lovely word of message or the purchase of chocolate and flower to enhance relationship and gratitude to loved one.

As part of the celebration, Times Weekend engaged some celebrated musicians for them to extend their love wishes to fans and this is what they said:

Kumi Guitar: Let us love and show much care to each other. One needs not to be a close relative or a partner before exhibiting love to them. We should also use the occasion to listen to much highlife music. Love you all and enjoy your Val’s Day!

Kofi Byble: Happy Valentine’s Day to the most special people in my life. You are my love, my heart and my joy. You make my heart feel as light and carefree as a butterfly floating through the air on a sweet spring day. I cherish the gift of love that you have shown me, may you live to see more of my music.  

Bless: Happy Valentine’s day to every chocho mucho of mine out there, you have been my moonlight and I say God bless you. I advice we do not act in a manner that may bring tears and regrets instead of  joy and smiles at the end of the day, as we celebrate this beautiful day of love with our loved ones. I dedicate moonlight to you all! Valentine is love, Love is peace and Love is sacrifice.

Prince Bright: I am all about love and I want all my fans to enjoy Val’s day with care, love and peace.


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