Mulan Activity Centre supports pupils to prevent COVID spread

Mulan Activity Centre, a pre-school institution, has donated assorted health items and educational material to its pupil as part of efforts to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

The items included hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, nose masks, and reading materials.

Mrs Thara Mills, Chief Executive Officer of the centre speaking at a short ceremony in Accra yesterday said the donation was her way of ensuring that her students remained protected at home or wherever they might be during the outbreak.

She stated that the centre was closed indefinitely in line with the President’s directive, however, she was seeking approval from educational agencies to continue operations so as to cater for students whose parents might not have the ability to care for them during the day.

“Once approval is given, we would take in not more than 25 students to prevent overcrowding and alleviate the fears of the parents who may not have the ability to care for their kids during the day,” Mrs Mills added.

She stated that the centre would provide weekly worksheets for students to undertake while at home for free, adding that, “This can also be extended to other children from other schools upon request by their parents.”

Mrs Mills stated that after the donation to her students, children in the community would also receive the same.

She entreated parents to get involved in the academic development of their wards and not let them play for the entire duration during the epidemic.

“Let us be each other’s keeper and support the vulnerable in society, all in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus,” Mrs Mills added.

She also pleaded with individuals and companies to sell approved sanitisers at affordable prices to ensure that everyone would be able to purchase some.

Mrs Esther Abena Nyarkoa Prempeh, a gospel musician popularly known as Lady Prempeh, speaking at the ceremony lauded the actions of Mulan Activity Centre and urged other institutions to do same.

She cautioned parents to ensure that their children were thoroughly cleaned after they played outside and that they should each carry hand sanitisers to use in the absence of running water and soap.

Mrs Prempeh shared her optimism that if the health measures were adhered to every Ghanaian would come out unscathed.


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