MP underscores religion as springboard for nat’l co-existence

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Cape Coast South Constituency in the Central Region, George Ricketts-Hagan, has underscored Christians and Muslims to make religion a springboard for national peace, unity, harmony, cohesion and co-existence.

He explained that the essence of the Muslim fast must be felt across all areas especially in the promotion of peaceful co-existence, unity, harmony and cohesion among all types of religions.

“I congratulated all for their steadfastness in their fasting and praying and I believe the results of your prayers will be felt in all aspects of national progress, growth and development,” Mr Ricketts-Hagan said.

He urged them to commit leaders of the country in the hands of Allah and God for divine wisdom in ruling the country so as to accelerate socioeconomic progress, growth and development to create jobs and wealth for Ghanaians.

“Commit our leaders in the hands of Allah and God to steer the affairs of the country to understand the challenges and resolve them for citizens to repose trust and confidence in them so as to reduce the burden on livelihoods,” Mr Ricketts-Hagan stressed.

Alhaji Alhassan Ansu, Cape Coast Circuit Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary, said the essence of their fast was to spiritually equip themselves on their religious journey on the need to keep their faith alive in the fear of Allah.

He reiterated the need for all to sit and analyse critically their purpose for the fasting and prayer was fulfilled as Muslims and the fast and prayers were an all-important aspect of Islamic worship when everybody desired to be presented sinless, faultless, and blameless before Allah.

“Fasting must bring total transformation to the life of every Muslim which is a special season of cleansing and these cleansing must be felt in our attitude and in our old, bad way of livelihoods and whatever thing you stop doing during Ramadan must be continued and built upon for your own good, so that you may please Allah and stay peacefully and united in the society in which we live,” Alhaji Ansu affirmed.

He urged all to see the need to contribute their quota to national cohesion, harmony, development, peace building and coexistence since living together with all others whether Christian or traditionalist was an integral part of their religion, be law abiding and peace loving.

Alhaji Ansu observed that the society was where Allah had planted on them to do their bit to ensure peaceful co-existence, unity, harmony and cohesion with each other for development to thrive. -GNA

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